Culture + Values

Dynamis believes in the value of every employee

Dynamis believes in the value of every employee and helping them to achieve purpose and meaning in their professional endeavors through personal growth and deliberate development. We promote knowledge-sharing, approachable leadership, mentoring, and transparent communications, building trust and loyalty.


In this culture of genuine caring, we build resonance and, as a result, we attract, retain, and grow Dynamites who embody the passion and purpose that defines us. We invest in education, training, and certifications to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of every employee.

Our cultural foundation is a source of pride and a sustained focus. Just as the edifices of ancient Greece have stood the test of time, our intent is to build a culture that can provide resilience and long term stability, regardless of what may seem expedient. This is part of the rationale behind our company symbol: the Corinthian helmet one sees when first stepping into Dynamis Headquarters. We are dedicated to bringing together and developing philosopher warriors; those who are wise, compassionate, and bold. Similarly, our culture consists of six complementary pillars, the essential building blocks that anchor our company and ensure our vitality over time.

The Pillars of Dynamis Culture are the foundation of our continuing success.

Dynamis will:

  1. Provide for the well-being of our people and customers.
  2. Make long-term contributions to our clients’ needs and the larger community.
  3. Sustain an enduring, mission-oriented business.
  4. Support professional and personal development and knowledge sharing.
  5. Foster a ‘work well, play well’ mindset, striking an appropriate balance among the two.
  6. Embrace the “Triple Threat” mentality, combining in our Dynamites technical expertise, leadership skills, and an understanding of business development.
What Dynamites Are Saying:

Artifacts of our culture that make it real:

  • Thorough new employee on-boarding
  • Team lunches, potlucks, and a stocked kitchen
  • Regular Dynamis-sponsored social events and gatherings
  • Training programs and education benefits
  • Dynamis’ School of Athens professional development forum
  • Employee kudos/recognition
  • Spot bonuses for excellence
  • Sustained mentoring
  • Wide range of collaboration tools and software to assist with telework and alternative work schedules
  • Sincere commitment to work-life balance