Our Story

On February 11, 2008, John Braun and John Milam came together to form a unique new company, one intended to embody an ethos of service and to create a community of like-minded professionals. The company is built on this foundation; it drives the work we pursue, the people we hire, and, most importantly, our values as a company. The two history buffs settled on the name “Dynamis,” which in Greek means strength, power, fortitude, and the will to win.   This will and spirit is embodied in our symbol, the Corinthian helmet. Dynamis employees are thinking warriors, people of action and purpose with invaluable experience and skills. We are professionals who are passionate about our mission: making the world a safer place.

Our most important asset is and will remain our employees — our Dynamites as we proudly refer to them. From our founding, we sought to provide for the wellbeing of our employees and to create a company where they are valued and empowered. If we take care of our people, we believe they will deliver greater value to our customers. For more than a decade and counting, Dynamis is providing solutions that get results for customers in the public and private sector, both across the United States and around the world. Our solutions unite the skills of experienced operators with the aptitude of technical experts, producing valued products and services, and earning a reputation of excellence and the trust of our customers and partners.

Through the years, our ethos is a constant and remains a unifying force. Our approach is intentional and is carefully nurtured by our leadership team. Our people matter. Ensuring their welfare matters. Personal and professional development matter. We create opportunities for people to find purpose and do important things; all while having fun in the process. Collectively, that is the Dynamis difference.

– John Milam and John Braun