Tom Bull

Senior Manager, IT

Tom Bull serves as a Senior Software Engineer and is a Senior Manager of the IT Portfolio at Dynamis, Inc.  He is responsible for leading development and deployment of solutions for the Emergency Management and First Responder customer communities and has over 20 years of experience working with premier disaster response agencies across the United States, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. In this role, he has supported high-profile international events including the Olympics, World Cup, and Tour de France. 

In his experience developing world-class emergency management solutions, Tom has contributed to international research projects exploring the collaboration of military and civilian response capabilities in a unified Common Operating Picture. He has been a keynote speaker describing IoT solutions in emergency management and has been asked to speak at several conferences in this space.


April, 2016

Most Likely To:

Be overly critical of a beer’s flaws while explaining the history of the beer style.


Coaching soccer, Shooting pool, Homebrewing, Craft beer, Enjoying time with my family, International travel, Live music, Jeeping with the top off.


Taking down Christmas lights, poorly brewed beer, being late.

Interesting Fact:

I am a Nationally Certified Beer Judge.

Quarantine Advice:

To take time to step away from work and enjoy the opportunity to spend the extra time with your family.