Tim Mahoney


As one of the original Dynamites, Tim joined Dynamis in 2008 and has supported the company mission every level.  Currently as Dynamis’ Chief Operating Officer, he is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions as well as promoting the company culture and vision Tim’s foundational leadership attribute is his dedication to individual empowerment.  Simply put, he recognizes that what sets a company like Dynamis apart from its competitors is the ability to engage with a highly skilled and energized workforce. As Dynamis’ leader, he remains focused and dedicated to empowering the company’s diverse employee team, with the belief that individuals—energized by their own initiative and personally invested in successwill always deliver excellence to the customer. 

A professional firefighter for over 20 yearsTim’s experiences supporting his local fire department have instilled in him a passion for community service and public safety.  As an emergency response SME, he has advised and mentored several government agencies to prepare our country for both natural and man-made threats.  He was a key contributor to the development of national-level emergency response doctrine for FEMA, as well as the establishment of emergency response training and exercise protocols for national, state, local, and tribal governments.  


June 2008

Most Likely To:

… squirrel… What were we talking about?


COFFEE, any physical activity (Mountain Biking, Hiking, etc.), and most importantly spending time with his wife and daughter.


Lack of coffee and being stuck inside.

Interesting Fact:

Tim received a Silver Medal of Valor Award for conducting a swift water rescue.

Quarantine Advice:

Use this as an opportunity to commit to your personal health!