David T. young

Senior Principal

David (D.T.) Young is a Senior Principal at Dynamis Inc., working in Preparedness and Resilience where he delivers emergency management and community resilience for mission-critical systems and training for first responders, militaries and civil agencies, airports and ports, and entertainment venues. Additionally, he provides security system design consultation for commercial and government clients to ensure a systematic and integrated approach to counter threats that pose risks to communities, businesses, and organizations, as well as their citizens, customers, and employees. Previously, D.T. was a senior advisor to the TSA Administrator and is an Air Force veteran with 23 years of service. He commanded units in Panama, Jordan, Peru, Turkey, Kansas, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Dakota, and Kuwait. D.T.’s final assignment in the Air Force was as the service’s Chief of Nuclear Security.


11 March 2018

Most Likely To:

Learn from the mistakes of others who take my advice.


Working to lose 10 pounds this year — only 12 to go.


Working to lose 10 pounds this year.

Interesting Fact:

I am really hoping I can make my last words be, “I left a million dollars under the…”

Quarantine Advice:

Take this time to become a song and dance man like Hugh Jackman. That guy looks really happy.